Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC and the “Your Phone” App

Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC with a Galaxy Device and the “Your Phone” App
The Your Phone app running an Android app

Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC with a Galaxy Device and “Your Phone” App: Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app for Windows 10 is a useful companion app for Android users to quickly do things like reply to text messages and transfer photos from your phone to computer. But on new Samsung Galaxy devices, it’s getting a lot more useful: you’ll soon be able to fully control apps on the phone right from your PC.

Of course, as of right now, there are a few stipulations. To start, you’ll need a compatible Galaxy phone. Secondly, your computer will need to be on the latest Insider Build of Windows 10. Your computer and phone will also need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Once all the boxes have been ticked, you should be able to fire up the Your Phone app on your Windows PC (and go through the setup process if you haven’t already) and start remotely controlling your phone and all the apps on it. The two seem to be pretty well integrated already, with the option to pin certain Android apps directly onto the Windows taskbar. It’s the closest thing Microsoft is going to get to offering Android apps on Windows, anyway.

That said, there are a few limitations of note, according to Microsoft:

  • Some apps might block the ability to cast to other screens and you will see a black screen instead.
  • Some games and apps might not respond to interactions from your PC mouse or keyboard. You will need to use a touch-enabled PC to interact with them.
  • Audio from apps will play from your mobile device.
  • Ability to run multiple apps will rollout out later in the year.
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Despite that, this is a pretty rad update. It’s not the first time that software has allowed users to remotely control their phone, but it does appear to be the most seamless. Here’s to hoping that it comes to more, non-Samsung, phones soon. That`s how you can run android apps on Your windows PC and the “Your Phone” App.

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