How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Precise Location on iPhone

How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Precise Location on iPhone
User disabling Precise Location settings for an app on iPhone
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When a ride-sharing app asks you for your location, it’s for a good reason. But some apps needlessly request your location for doing menial tasks. Here’s how you can stop those apps from tracking your precise location on your iPhone.

iPhone users who are running iOS 14 and above can stop apps from using their precise location. Instead, apps will know your approximate location and won’t be able to pin you down to a street or a landmark.

The iPhone already comes with multiple location control features, such as the ability to only allow an app to access your location once. This is another tool in Apple’s arsenal.

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There are two ways to access this feature. You can toggle it on from the location access prompt (one that you get when an app first asks you to grant location access) or from the Settings app.

When you get the location access prompt, tap the “Precise” button to enable or disable the Precise Location feature.

Precise Location Toggle in Location Access Popup

If you’ve already granted an app location permission and you want to change the setting later, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone and go to the “Privacy” section.

Tap Privacy in Settings

Here, choose the “Location Services” option from the top.

Tap Location Services

Now, select an app from the list.

Choose an App

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap the toggle next to the “Precise Location” option to disable the feature for the given app.

Tap Precise Location To Disable The Feature

This feature will only appear if you have enabled Location Services for the app. Now, go back to the “Location Services” section and repeat the process with other apps.

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Curious how you can be tracked? Here are all the ways your iPhone can track your location.

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