How to Disable Scribble for Apple Pencil on iPad

How to Disable Scribble for Apple Pencil on iPad
Scribble mode for Apple Pencil on iPad
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Apple’s iPadOS 14 will come with a new feature, dubbed Scribble, that allows owners of an Apple Pencil and an iPad to do considerably more than they could before; like handwriting in text boxes for example.

How to Disable Scribble for Apple Pencil on iPad: The Scribble feature, introduced in iPadOS 14, allows you to use your Apple Pencil to write in text boxes. Instead of typing, you can scribble a message and have your iPad automatically convert your handwriting to text. If you don’t use or like Scribble, you can disable the feature.

With your Apple Pencil paired with your iPad, open the “Settings” app. If you’re not sure if your Apple Pencil is connected, either magnetically attach it to the side of your iPad (second-gen Pencil) or plug it into the Lightning port (first-gen Pencil).

Open the "Settings" app

Next, scroll down and select the “Apple Pencil” option from the left-hand pane.

Scroll down and then select the "Apple Pencil" option from the left pane

Finally, tap on the “Scribble” toggle to turn off the feature. You will find the option near the bottom of the “Apple Pencil” submenu.

Toggle off the "Scribble" option

With Scribble disabled, your Apple Pencil will only be able to write in apps designed to support handwriting. In all other instances—including when interacting with text boxes—the stylus accessory will now work as a pointing tool.

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