How to Enable Startup Sound on Your Chromebook

How to Enable Startup Sound on Your Chromebook
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Computers traditionally have had a startup sound that plays as soon as they are up and running. Chromebooks don’t have this out of the box, but if you miss that nostalgic touch of a startup chime, you can manually enable it from the settings.

On your Chromebook, click the status section found in the bottom-right corner to reveal the quick settings panel. Select the gear icon to enter your Chromebook’s Settings menu.

Click the settings shortcut on Chrome OS

Scroll down until you find the “Advanced” button and toggle it to reveal more options.

Reveal advanced settings on Chromebook

Locate the “Accessibility” section, and from under that, head into “Manage Accessibility Features.”

Visit the accessibility menu on Chromebook

At the bottom of this page, find and switch on the “Play Sound on Startup” option.

Play sound on startup on Chromebook

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In case you’re facing trouble reaching this exact menu, you can look up the option’s name from the search bar at the top of the Settings menu instead.

That’s about it. Now your Chromebook will play a brief startup chime at the login screen whenever you boot it up from a complete shutdown. Do note, though, that it won’t ring when you are simply waking it from sleep.

The chime’s volume depends on your Chromebook’s audio levels. Therefore, if you wish to mute it or make it less intrusive, all you need to do is turn down your Chromebook speaker’s volume before turning the computer off.

Alternatively, with the help of the Startup Sound for Chromebook Chrome extension, you can also set the startup chimes of other operating systems like macOS and even Windows XP.

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Once you have it installed, click its icon from the extensions tray in the top-right corner on Google Chrome.

Open the extensions tray on Google Chrome

Pick a startup sound from the dropdown list, then hit “Save.”

Set a different startup sound on Chromebook

Unlike Chrome OS’s built-in startup sound, this extension’s chime will trigger once you’ve logged into your Chromebook.

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