How to Cancel Your Peacock Subscription and Change Plans

How to Cancel Your Peacock Subscription and Change Plans

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How to Cancel Your Peacock Subscription and Change Plans: Peacock TV is the streaming platform for all of your favorite NBC Universal TV shows and movies. If you aren’t getting your money’s worth, you can easily cancel your subscription and switch back to the company’s free plan. Here’s how.

Start by heading on over to Peacock’s desktop website. Unfortunately, you cannot change plans or cancel your subscription from the app for AndroidiPhone, or iPad. From there, click the “Sign In” button found in the top-right corner of the page.

Head to Peacock's website and then click the "Sign In" button in the top-right corner

Enter your login credentials and select the yellow “Sign In” button.

Enter your credentials and then select the "Sign In" button

Now that you’re viewing Peacock’s home page, click the Account button located in the top-right corner of your screen.

Click the Account button found in the top-right corner of the website

You should now be on the “Plans & Payment” screen. Locate the plan you’re currently paying for and then select the blue “Change Plan” link.

Select the "Change Plan" link

The website lists out all of the available plans. When you’re ready to stop paying for a premium option, select the “Peacock Free” option and then click the “Change Plan” button.

Choose the "Peacock Free" option and then click the "Change Plan" button

Peacock will attempt to keep you as a paying customer by showing you what you will be losing access to when your plan ends. Select the “Switch To Free” button to confirm that you want to cancel your subscription.

Confirm that you want to cancel your Peacock subscription by selecting the "Switch To Free" button

Now that you’re no longer paying for Peacock, you might want to delete your account completely. Unfortunately, that process is a bit more complicated. That`s how you can cancel your Peacock subscription!

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