How to Stream ‘Cheers’ Without Cable

How to Stream ‘Cheers’ Without Cable
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How to Stream ‘Cheers’ Without Cable : Cheers is a classic show that’s set in a real Boston bar. Whether you’re already a fan or want to check it out for the first time, it’s now streaming!

Go back to the ’80s, when Cheers first began, and follow bar-owner, Sam Malone, and his regulars. Cheer “Norm!” whenever George Wendt’s character walks through the door, and laugh along while Diane (Shelley Long) bickers with Sam.



CBS allows you to watch full-length episodes of Cheers for free. Unfortunately, unless you subscribe to All Access, you have to deal with a good number of ad breaks.

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For those with a Netflix subscription, you can stream the entire series. This is a great way to watch without dealing with ads.


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You can also catch every moment of Cheers on Hulu if you have a subscription. Depending on which subscription you have, you might have to sit through some ads. However, you can pay extra for ad-free content.

Amazon Prime Video

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On Amazon Prime Video, you can purchase the entire series, and you’ll always have it in your library. You can purchase seasons one through nine for $20 each, or individual episodes for $3 a piece. Seasons 10 and 11 aren’t available through Amazon, though; the site will encourage you to purchase a CBS All Access subscription to watch those.


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If you watch on an Apple device, iTunes is the perfect place to purchase the complete series for your online library. You can get the entire series for $60, or $1 per episode.

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Google Play

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If you watch on an Android device, the Google Play Store is where you should go to add Cheers to your collection. For $60, you can purchase the entire series and watch it everywhere you go.


Vudu is a near-perfect service that supports multiple devices. It can be home to all of your digital library. You can purchase seasons one through eight of Cheers for $15 each, or single episodes for $2 a piece.

Unfortunately, Vudu doesn’t have seasons nine through 11, so you’ll have to catch those on one of the services we listed above.

No matter how you watch Cheers, you’ll love catching up with the entire crew at the bar. Spend some quality time with Sam, Diane, Norm, and all the regulars, from the comfort of your living room.

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